Sunday, 15 May 2011

Yuko Shimizu's lecture

Again for editorial illustrator!
The lecture from Yuko Shimizu (Talented Japanese illustrator) from CCA illustration lecture. If you don't know her, you can visit her works at

She talked about the overview of illustrators, reflecting her attitude about arts and illustration. Mostly will focus on the book and magazine work. The process of works, things to concern and things to give them most precedence. She also show her works in various type of illustration since the printed until the installation and also in advertising. You can see that the illustration can be in anywhere to support things surround them. It depends on the creative when it comes to meet with the art elements.

Also she talked about her background.. her Japanese culture and the it's attitude which it happens in many countries in Asia. This is another problem to Asia child but she can found herself in a right way. Another issue same as Brad Holland clip below.. she talks about Art school. until the way in working in the real industries. Her experience can gives me many attitude in a business of illustrators and interesting things in there.

It's quite very good lecture and many knowledge to know, think and learn from this experienced illustrator. :)

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